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Farmington CT Real Estate Prices
Farmington's real estate values are among the highest in the region, homes are listed starting in the mid-$300,000s and can go up to $1 million with gorgeous huge lots and exclusive amenities. Townhomes and condominiums range from $200,000 to the mid-$400,000s in Farmington. Land for sale from the high $200,000s to $500,000

Unionville CT Houses
Unionville is slightly cheaper, offering homes for sale from $300,000 to the low $700,000s. Townhouses and condos in Unionville range from low $100,000s to the high $100,000s. Property values for land are less expensive than Farmington depending on acreage, topography and utilities present.
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Farmington CT
Farmington is an affluent suburb of Hartford, the state capital, regarded as one of the most posh communities in the area. The northwest corner, was once home to many factories harnessing the water power of Farmington River. Home to the large company headquarters of the Carrier Corporation, Otis Elevator Company and Carvel, Farmington has a diverse industry. Transportation from the sister cities is easy, as Farmington sits less than 30 minutes from the major airport, Bradely Field. Students in Farmington access to great public schools that rank among the best in the nation. The lure of the area?s quality education system, convenient location for commuters and rural charm continue to attract residents. Accommodating new growth while preserving the atmosphere and history of the area, continue to be at the forefront of community concern.

Unionville CT
Unionville is located just west of the Connecticut River and just 20 minutes west of the state capital. Combine the warmth of a small town feel and rural living with conveniences of nearby thriving cities. The Farmington River runs through the town from Burlington, through Unionville and near Farmington Center. With numerous ponds and lakes, woods, meadow and hills, Unionville offers a rural atmosphere with a strong demand for housing. Residents can also enjoy the close proximity of two major metropolitan hubs of Boston and New York, offering countless cultural and entertainment choices.

Real Estate
Farmington and Unionville offer a variety of housing opportunities including colonials in the esteemed Historic Section of Farmington Village, modern subdivisions, and large-lot residential zoning.

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